Saturday, January 28, 2012

Splurge or Steal?

To splurge or steal - that is the question! These new Givenchy heels are my latest shoe obsession! The block heel and pebbled leather are just too perfect to not have a home on my shoe shelves.The same goes for the Alexander Wang sandals with padded ankle cuffs that give it a moto-esque feeling. Unfortunately, the price on these two babies are just waayyy out of my budget (like most shoes I swoon over on a daily basis).

To satisfy my craving, I've found some heels with a similar style and feel that are much more budget friendly. The ASOS strappy sandal has the stacked block heel I adore with just a touch of color to make them interesting. They're incredibly work appropriate and would be great shoe addition for spring time. The best deal are these Zara sandals with simple ankle and toe straps (a whopping $49.00!). They're not over the top with details and textures, yet simple and sexy to pair with my ankle trousers for work or skinny jeans for a night out to dinner. They're just so versatile!

Would you splurge on the above shoes or go for the steal?

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  1. Great choices but im always drawn to the moxt expensive stuff..........xx


Thank you for your lovely comments! I appreciate each and every one of them. You sure know how to bring a smile to my face :)