Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breakfast Crepes

This has been a lounging weekend for me. The boyfriend and I finally celebrated Valentine's Day with dinner at Capri Italian Restaurant followed by my favorite desert at Baskin Robbins {brownie sundae}. Saturday I made French toast for a few of us, which reminded me I need to cook it more often. I forget french toast, maple syrup, and fresh berries makes for an amazing, deliciously sweet breakfast. Of course, massive amounts of bacon accompanied the french toast. The rest of the weekend has been devoted to catching up on shows and watching movies, while taking frequent naps in between. Overall, this weekend was exactly what I needed.

This morning I felt well rested and decided to make a recipe that's been on my "Food Porn" Pinterest board for a while. I saw this crepe recipe on Martha Stewart's website and thought it looked like such an elegant breakfast dish. I've only made crepes one time before and they turned out great {I used this crepe recipe}. If you make them the night before, these breakfast crepes are a breeze to put together. I built upon the original recipe and added a thin layer of veggie cream cheese to my crepes along with paprika, salt, pepper, and goat cheese. Once they were crispy and ready to eat, I topped them with green onions {the original recipe calls for chives}. They're definitely fancy shmancy for a Sunday morning.

{Chopped green onion. Making these crepes. Smeared veggie cream cheese. Ham, egg, & spices}
{Fold the sides over. Add crumbled goat cheese. Put in the oven}
{Add chopped green onion or any other garnish you desire. Eat & enjoy.}


  1. this looks so good, I will definitely have to try it!

    1. Thank you! I highly recommend adding goat cheese. It seriously brings the breakfast crepes to a whole new savory level.

  2. i've never made these but man do i love 'em.

  3. These look delicious! It makes me want to get back to France asap!

  4. Looks delicious! My husband and I have been craving crepes ever since our trip to Paris!


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