Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Peanut Butter Cookie Empanadas

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope your day has been just as great as mine! I have received amazing treats from coworkers, beautiful flowers from my mama, and I have dinner planned for tonight with some friends. I definitely wish the boyfriend was here so we could celebrate too, but Friday is the new V-Day for us! I can't wait to give him my gift. Pretty sure I'll win "Best Girlfriend" award. If not, maybe he'll just humor me.

I've been making empanadas on a regular basis for over a year now. I should make my own dough and I plan on it someday, but the puff pastry sheets are sooo handy and shave some time off the recipe which I realllllly like. Empanadas have such a flaky crust (more than the crescent rolls) and definitely remind me of back home. However, I'd never really eaten a sweet empanada before. Low and behold, this recipe made it into my inbox and needless to say I was intrigued. Peanut butter cookie dough and cream cheese enclosed in a flaky pastry, then dipped in peanut butter and chocolate? Yes please.
{Mix the cookie dough, cream cheese, & optional chocolate chips together}
{Scoop the mixture into the center of the circle, score, wet, fold, pinch, & press}
{Brush the empanadas with egg wash and pop them in the oven for 13 minutes}
{Melt your peanut butter chips and shortening in a bowl, then dip your empanada}
{Once the peanut butter is dry, re-dip your empanada in the melted chocolate chips. I then dipped them in Valentine's Day sprinkles - they look more festive!}
{Let the coating dry, then enjoy!}

I altered this recipe a little by using puff pastry dough instead of pie crust and adding chocolate chips into the filling mixture. Everyone liked the crunch of the sprinkles, so I guess that was a good move on my part. I will definitely be making these again, but for some reason I was expecting the middle to be more gooey than cooked cookie. I did bake them on the longer end of the spectrum, so I suggest going with 12-13 minutes. Maybe yours will be gooey. I'll be jealous. 

*Please disregard the jacked up nail polish. This was an eye opener that I need to keep up on my manicures if they're going to continue making an appearance on my blog. 


  1. These look so yummy & I love the heart shaped plate!
    Happy Wednesday xoxo

    1. Thank you! The plate is from Target. Hope you had a great Vday! I saw the Mulberry bracelet you received - SO JEALOUS!!!

  2. These look totally delicious, and I am loving the sprinkles you used! Your boyfriend is lucky to have you! :)

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    1. HAHA I hope he says that a lot too! Thanks for reading!

  3. delicious! www.casualglamorous.com

  4. OMG Empanada +sprinkles = heaven. Thanks for sharing! xo


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