Monday, March 12, 2012

25 Awesome Years

{Birthday dinner with family. My mama is a great cook.}
{Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite. Courtesy of an awesome coworker 
who's one amazing baker.}
{Layered stars and tangerine. It was a perfect day outside too.}
{Sushi feast for lunch with my work girls. The one on the right is mouthwatering: basic cream cheese roll topped with a crab mixture, pepper jack cheese, tobiko, and Sriracha!}
{Official birthday dinner with my boyfriend}
{He took me to an old Italian restaurant, Mama Carolla's}
{Tiramisu. This was gone in 2.5 seconds}
{Another birthday dinner with a bestie at Brugge. Citron mussels and Triple de Ripple beer, 10% alcohol}
{Bacon sushi. Yeah, that happened.}
{Shared birthday with this handsome guy who also hosted our party}
{Two of my great friends, Allyson & Katherine}
{Birthday kisses from my boyfriend, Tyler}

Quick hello on this gorgeous Monday to share some tid bits of my birthday week. 
I'm really lucky to have such amazing family, friends, coworkers, and 
one sexy boyfriend in my life. 



  1. Aw happy birthday! It looks like you had an amazing time! I could seriously eat all of that food right now. The sushi and cupcakes especially!!

    Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING x

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  2. just stumbled onto your blog and I love it! you're gorgeous!
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    <333 Xx

  3. wooow that looks delicious!so amizing colors in food! i love those pics and ur blog i'm a follower now :)
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  4. happy B-day, all food looks so yummy:)

  5. happy birthday my dear, hope you had a nice time and got wow presents =D

    X the cookies

  6. Happy birthday sweetie! That food looks absolutely delish. You are absolutely gorgeous and I love your hair.
    Following ya.

    Antoinette x

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  8. Happy happy!

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  9. Jeez, this has made me so hungry. The cupcakes look immense! You are so lovely and smiley :) and for that reason, I am your newest follower! xxx

  10. I love your yellow dress and the star skirt! :)

    I followed your blog, please follow back :)

  11. happy birthday! you're beautiful and so is your blog!

    best wishes from


  12. Happy birthday! I just turned 30 on Sunday, we are fellow pisceans!


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