Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Trend: Colored Denim

Colored Denim @ the Pacers Game

A big trend has been happening for a while now and there's no ignoring it - colored denim is here to stay! I've actually embraced this trend in the form of colorful trousers so I can wear them to work and still comply with the dress code policy. I know, I am one smart cookie. But I've attended some Indianapolis Pacers games lately and quickly realized I need some blue or yellow jeans in my life ASAP! Bright denim is a great way to show your undeniable love and support while still looking trendy and stylish! This goes for any team, but today we're going to focus on the Pacers baby!

Outfit #1: This is a very laid back outfit. These yellow jeans are perfect to show your Pacers pride on game days and any other day that requires a little pep in your step! How could you not be happy wearing this gorgeous yellow? I've paired them with Toms blue ballet flats in order to be comfortable for anticipated trips up and down the stairs. You never want to be empty handed at a basketball game - major faux pas. Now, on to the accessories! This little Indiana necklace is perfect for games and it's a great everyday necklace. A cross body bag is my purse of choice for sporting events. Why you ask? Well, your purse will never have to touch the sticky stadium floor {or bathroom}, it's less likely to get stolen, and it leaves you hands free to obnoxiously yell and cheer! The wicker fedora can be left at home if you prefer, but I think it compliments the outfit, especially that fabulous little bag.

Outfit #2: I wanted to showcase a more fancy shmancy outfit that could be worn at the game or the bars downtown. Not that you can't wear Outfit #1 to the bars, but I prefer to wear heels in order to vertically enhance me by four or five inches so I'm out of elbow-in-the-face range {yeah, that happens when you're short}. These blue skinny jeans are a less daring option and when paired with a yellow striped scarf and rope accessories, you get a mix between Pacers fan and nautical sailor. I'd finish the outfit with a pair of walkable/comfortable/killer wedges and of course, a trusty cross body bag.

On a different note, I am excited to have recently joined/been accepted to the Indianapolis Bloggers group {inspiration behind today's post}! I wasn't familiar with any Indianapolis blogs, other than What I Wore, and I'm really looking forward to being an IB member! There's some pretty interesting blogs around Indy and I highly recommend you go and check them out!


  1. Ohh I love outfit #1! That hat really tops it off. I neat to get a pair of those cute bright-colored skinny jeans...

  2. oo i love both these outfits! my favorite would be with the blue pants! super cute! adorable blog, new follower!

    xx Kelly


  3. Loving the lemon jeans!
    Have a fab Wednesday xoxo

  4. Both looks are great! I'm especially loving the watch in outfit #2. Go Pacers! ;) xoxo, morgan


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