Monday, April 2, 2012

Allie's Bubble now on Bloglovin'!!

Just wanted to let you in on the big news - you can now follow Allie's Bubble on Bloglovin'!!!!!!!! See how many exclamation points I used? That means I'm really really reaallllyyyy excited if you didn't pick up on it ;) For those of you who aren't in the Bloglovin' loop, it's a convenient way for you to follow hundreds thousands over a million other blogs that fancy your liking! I just wanted to create another outlet that Allie's Bubble can be read and/or delivered right to you, depending on your preference. I know, I'm just sooooo considerate.

So, if you're at all intrigued by this, please sign up for an account {that is if you don't already have one} and click here to follow my blog with Bloglovin or just search for Allie's Bubble and become one of my followers! Even better, look on the left side of my blog and there's a handy little Bloglovin' gadget you can click. Easy-peasy man. 

Let me know if you become one of my followers by commenting on this post and I'll be sure to follow you on Bloglovin' as well! 



  1. hehe gotta love BlogLoving! ;)

  2. are you interesting to have your blog update, or a sketching drawn looks like you? I'm doing the giveway and its last chance to enter before in 7 hours, i will be revealing who is the winner :D


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