Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Broad Ripple Art Fair

Sunday morning, my mom and I meandered around the Broad Ripple Art Fair in the hot HOT sun. Rows of beautiful artwork and the sweet aroma of kettle corn filled the park. If I had oodles of dollars to spend on oil paintings and pottery, then I would have snatched up a lot of items. Unfortunately, almost everything I wanted was waaayyy out of my price range. The heat was pretty brutal, so we only lasted about an hour before heading to Brugge Brasserie for crepes, mussels, and cold beer. It was a nice way to spend some time with my Mama before heading to a bar to watch the Pacers game with friends. Here's a little photo diary of the day, starting at the Art Fair and ending with awesome food. 
{The Vintage Painter had some fun oil paintings I would have LOVED to splurge on}
{Butter dishes and spoon rests by Deckas Pottery}
{Stackable art}
{Pottery by Deckas Pottery}
{Gorgeous ornaments full of texture and color}
{Beautiful stained glass pieces were everywhere}
{Musical entertainment at its finest}
{He used his shell covered legs as a type of tambourine}
{Interesting lawn decorations by Girly Steel}
{Invasion of steel dragon flies}
{These lawn sculptures reminded me of late night dancing, especially with my good friend Claire}
{Mine and my mom's favorite piece, a bird bath with a meditation topper}
{Frites with horseradish and sweet chili dipping sauces}
{Their blue cheese and bacon mussels are to DIE for}

Big thanks to the artists for allowing me to snap a few pictures! I appreciate your cooperation and loved your work!



  1. Isn't it ridiculous that I lived in Indy for over 3 years (in Brip for 2 of them) and never went to the art fair?! It looks like it was so much fun, and I'm super mad at myself for never going now! I'm glad you enjoyed it though :)

    xoxo, me

  2. I love the ornaments and pottery, so pretty! Blue cheese and bacon mussels??? Why have I not had this!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Great photos! I used to live in Indy, and Broad Ripple is such a cool area.

  4. wow, this looks incredible! love all the beautiful pottery work.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping into my booth and taking pictures. I have an oil painting with your name on it when you are ready! Cheers! Chrissy Mount Kapp. The Vintage Painter.

  6. such a nice post,if you like we can follow each other ;)


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