Friday, May 4, 2012

{Friday's Fancies} Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo
Happy happy happy Friday!!!! With the exception of being sick on Monday, this has been a wonderful week! I finally pulled the trigger on a Canon EOS Rebel T3i and have been infatuated with my new toy since it arrived! I've never used one before, so I'm literally reading the manual in order to learn how to properly use my camera. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of helpful resources for the EOS Rebel T3i, please let me know! I'd really appreciate it!

As we all know, there are some pretty big parties going on this weekend. I wish I could've made it to the Derby this weekend, but I think I'll swap my big floppy hat and mint julep for a colorful sombrero and Dos Equis. No tequila you ask? Wellllllll, tequila and I had a great relationship while I was in college, but somewhere down the road we parted ways. Maybe it was the time I woke up with a pink mustache sharpied on my face or the mornings spent spooning with "John", but our love fizzled out. I like to think I did my boyfriend and society in general, a HUGE favor by ending that relationship. You're welcome. 

Now, for the fun part of Friday...FRIDAY'S FANCIES! Above is a festive little outfit to celebrate the wild holiday, Cinco de Mayo! Time to get out sombrero and shake your maracas - in a stylish way of course!

  1. Quiksilver chambray shirt - A chambray shirt is a staple you MUST have in your closet. You don't need break the bank, but if you want to its versatility damn near pays for itself. This Quicksilver shirt has a slimmer cut, which is perfect for tucking into higher waisted shorts.
  2. Miso scalloped shorts - I've mentioned many times that I adore anything with scalloped detail, but I don't think I've expressed my love for high-waisted AND loose fitted drawstring shorts. Well, I love them. Especially when they have cute cut out detail and are soft to touch. Gimme please! 
  3. Miu Miu cat eye sunglasses - The red glitter frames are to die for. I'm not one to gravitate towards colored sunglasses, but these Miu Miu's are an exception. They're a great pop of color and glitter is always appropriate. 
  4. Tabitha Simmons stiletto high heels - I couldn't think of a more fitting pair of heels for the holiday. The colorful Mexican stitching is so dreamy and screams "olé !" 
  5. Amrita Singh bracelet - I've been drooling over some of Amrita Singh's jewelry on Gilt lately, and this resin stone bracelet is just one of her many pieces I can't get my mind off of {oh and 50% off of her jewelry site-wide!}. 
  6. Mustache necklace - Instead of writing a mustache on your face {or waking up with one like I did one year - thanks Swango}, throw on this little mustache necklace. It's adorable and the best's not permanent.
  7. Elliot Mann vintage clutch - How festive is this clutch?!? The handmade embroidery and fringe is gorgeous. Even though it's perfect for Cinco de Mayo, I would still sport it all summer long. 

Don't forget to check out the Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby outfits from other bloggers who've linked up at {longdistanceloving}! Hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend with whatever it is you're celebrating!

Oh one more thing, I gave in and started a Twitter account. Search for @alliesbubble or click here. I'd love to tweet with all my readers and blogger friends :)



  1. Love those cute scalloped shorts! Have a fabulous weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I love those shorts! So comfy yet so girly :)

  3. Obsessed with these glasses! Did you see the DYI on Because I'm Addicted. It's flawless!


  4. Ooh those shoes are fabulous! And I love the shorts :)

    Happy weekend!

    Laura xo

  5. I love the clutch and the heels! They are perfect!


  6. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story


  7. Wow such a great post! It must take a long time to edit, but it worth! Congrats! Like your blog.

  8. those shorts are sweet & those shoes are badass! great choices! happy sunday :)

    - l

  9. Cute outfit :) Love the mustache necklace! I included your blog in my post today. Check it out here:

  10. i absolutely love those shoes!! xx


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