Friday, June 8, 2012

{Friday's Fancies} Short & Sweet

Short and Sweet

Summer is here in full force! The days are warming up and the clothing is decreasing. This means women everywhere have folded up their pants in order to rock some short and sweet bottoms. Shorts are one thing I wish I could wear to work! I have save my shorts either for after 5pm or on the weekend. What kind of shorts do I love? The answer is simple - all of them. My shorts range from cut off denim, to bright colors, to ruffled lace. Above are currently the most popular {in my eyes} types of shorts women are sporting all over the blogosphere and the streets of Indy - check them out:  

//Denim// This is the most known and feared short around. The stereotype "jorts" has is really unfair. Wearing denim cut offs doesn't mean you're required to sport a mullet. Denim shorts are a staple in my after work attire because you can keep it casual or dress em' up! Yes, you're probably not going to want to wear studded denim to a fancy dinner at St. Elmo's, but you can pair them with a sheer top and sky high heels for a kick ass bar look. 

//Printed & Silk// Talk about luxury for your bottom. I'm a BIG fan of silk, especially one with a gnarly print. They already look classy and can be dressed up with a structured top and stilettos or dressed down paired with a simple t-shirt and gladiators. Think pajama chic. You're comfortable enough to take on the 90+ degree day running errands, but don't look like a hot mess. Win-win in my book. 

//Colored// We all know the colored denim trend is here to stay {see my post here}, but it's not longer limited to just pants! Yes, that's right, colored shorts are hot hot HOT. Shorts in all colors, cuts, and fabric are highly welcomed in my wardrobe. I swooped up some hot pink shorts last year and have worn them on many occasions. They've made appearances at the lake as well as dressy events {seen here}. But my wish list now consists of colorful linen drawstring shorts. Perfect for chillin with friends, playing corn hole, and sippin' on beer. 

What kind of shorts are you wearing this summer? 

For more short and sweet looks, head on over to {longdistanceloving} and check out all the fabulous bloggers who've linked up! Have a great weekend! 



  1. I'm loving shorts this summer! There are so many options other than jeans in stores! I just bought three new pairs!

  2. I love wearing shorts in the summer. Colored ones are my fave, but you can never beat a classic denim pair! Have a great weekend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Jorts do get a bad reputation and it's not fair. Granted, they can be a fashion disaster, but if you wear them right, they rock! I have no colored denim shorts yet, but I need to get on that ASAP! Love all of your choices. The printed ones are so fun!

    xoxo, me

  4. I can't get over the colored shorts - I love them so much! Have a great weekend!

  5. Loving all those printed shorts! So fun. This post is great!
    PS - what is the program you used to make that collage? It looks great!

  6. Loving the printed silk! Have a fabulous weekend :)

    Laura xo

  7. What a great collage of shorts. This is soooo making me want to get some silk printed shorts.


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