Monday, June 4, 2012

Insta-Fun #11

Let me start off by saying it's true, the older you get the longer it takes to recover from hangovers. Granted, we drank for a good 14 hours on Saturday celebrating the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Alex Curry {aka The Birds}, but I STILL feel like I've been hit by a truck. A large part of that feeling is also due to my non-stop sweet dance moves. Tyler and I were dancing machines, along with his parents and the rest of the wedding guests. We may or may not have danced to "Baby Got Back" with his mom {awkward moment of the night}. However, awkward moments aside, the execution was impeccable, the bride looked gorgeous, and the DJ was spot on. Overall, one of the best weddings I've attended to date.

Now, I'm gonna leave you with my Instagram round up from the past two weeks since I was too exhausted to put together a post for you last Monday. Warning: Amazing food pics below may make you hungry and if you're anything like me when you've been bitten by the hunger bug, you want to eat directly after to avoid the bitchy/snappy feeling that may uncontrollably take over your body. Just sayin'.
{Traders Point Creamery phenomenal cheese plate}
{Team Tallie* at the Indy 500}
{Track sammys c/o Ray Marr were crucial to fighting off that nasty hunger bug all day}
{Ended MDW cruisin' around Geist Lake, soaking up a few more rays of sunshine}
{Pink and orange comfy work outfit}
{Another borther/sister-in-law dish sent via text: Rosemary and lemon artisan bread}
{Casual Friday outfit consisted of mint, leopard, and my trusty Zara jeans}
{Popped into Tastings for some wine and cheese before the wedding}
{Amazing h'orderves during the cocktail hour: Mini meat cones and seared tuna goodness}

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*Thanks to our friends, Team Tallie is our couple mash-up name: Tyler + Allie = Tallie. 



  1. I am obsessed with the mint and leopard combo. Seriously genius, my dear! Glad you had so much fun at the wedding! Here's to recovering :)

    xoxo, me

  2. I love the mint and leopard. And yes, I am now starving!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  3. Your foodie pics always make me hungry, looks amazing! Sounds like a fabulous weekend :)

    Laura xo

  4. sounds like you had a fab weekend -- i was at a wedding too and it was so much fun! have a good week xx


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