Monday, July 30, 2012

Insta-Fun #19

Good morning everyone! Wow, what a great weekend that just went by. Can we do it again,!? Date night with Tyler was a success. We almost made our own mussels, but decided to be waited on and headed to Brugge for their Red Curry mussels. We try and switch it up, but sometimes it's good to stick with what we like. Saturday we headed down to the Marr Farm in Columbus, IN for the rest of the weekend. We pathetically played a little two on two soccer {it was sooo hot!}, lounged in the pool, grilled some food, drank LOTS of tasty drinks, watched the Olympics, and much much more. I was able to take some pictures, but unfortunately I clucked around and forgot my camera charger. Whomp whomp. I'll share some of the pictures we were able to capture this week. 

Not too sure what I have going on this week {with the exception of trying to get my allergies in check}, but I'm kinda looking forward to NO plans. Hopefully some hot yoga is in my near future since my sunburn has finally peeled off all the way. Maybe I'll even scour Pinterest for new recipes. I know, I'm living life on the wild side ;)

Here's a few pictures from last week via my Instagram. Happy Monday! 
{Rediscovered this pretty ruffled dress in my closet}
{New skidless yoga towels came in!}
{Loved this Bill Blass quote in the exhibit - so true!}
{Sneak peek of the Blass exhibit at the IMA}
{Tyler and I went to lunch at Marsh then he told me to pick
 out some flowers. I'm a good girlfriend and did what I was
 told ;) HAHA}
{This particular round I shot 3 of 5 clay pigeons. #ballin}



  1. I went to that exhibit at the IMA recently! I didn't even realize it was going on, so I was pleasantly surprised! Fun fact: my friend's parents used to live in Evansville in Halston's childhood home. I stayed there one time and slept in Halston's old room!

    Sarah's Real Life

  2. I've always wanted to try skeet shooting! ha. Looks like so much fun!

  3. Love your purple dress :) xo


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