Friday, August 24, 2012

{Friday's Fancies} Travel Essentials

Travel Essentials

Happy Friday! My coffee is extra strong this morning as I'm just trying to get through the last few hours that separate me from the weekend. Recharging and thinking about what I'm bringing to NYC is on my agenda for the next few days. Last night we had a fantastic Pattern meetup at City Way in downtown Indianapolis. First off, City Way is going to be an amazing addition to downtown. I'm really excited to see that particular area liven up and bring in new traffic {me included}. A new mixology bar and restaurant have definitely got my attention! Secondly, the Pattern Paper Fall 2012 issue is sure to be a hit! The cover alone is stunning. Come October 9th I'll be nose deep in the 100+ pages until I'm finished reading it cover to cover. Lastly, Pattern meetups are always great networking events! I still get super nervous mingling with fashion, photography and textile professionals considering the only way I'm connected to the industry is through my blog. I take a lot of pride in Allie's Bubble, but my day job has me submerged in the health care and legal industry - not fashion. I bring personal style and fashion into the work place as well as read, dream, and shop it after 5p, but that still doesn't consider me a fashion professional. Maybe someday! ;)

Anywho, it's Friday and we're about to get fancy. Like I've mentioned before, Tyler and I head to NYC next Thursday! He went to school at Syracuse and frequented NYC, but I've never been! We plan on going to a Broadway show, shopping, eating, visiting friends, and seeing some sights! I'm dead set on being out and about as much as possible {no sleeping in, babe!} soaking up the city, culture and of course, FASHION! Today, I wanted to share a few of my traveling essentials that will obviously accompany me to NYC.

  1. Comfy sweater - We're all aware planes are freezing. I typically always wear a comfy sweater or at least bring a chunky cardigan to throw on just in case. 
  2. Soft pashmina - Who likes to use the airlines blankets? Definitely not me. I bring my own pashmina for extra warmth or to ball up and use as a pillow. 
  3. Big sunglasses - After long hours of traveling and layovers, sometimes big, dark sunglasses are just necessary.
  4. Hand sanitizer - I don't leave home without it.
  5. Loafers - Nothing I hate more is being held up in security for longer than I have to. Slip on shoes like loafers are stylish and convenient for bolting through security.
  6. Weekender bag - Has anyone else had precious items stolen from their checked baggage? That's definitely a trip bummer and not a way I want to start off my relaxing a fun weekend. I always carry my jewelry, electronics and expensive items with me on the plane. A weekender bag is roomy and typically has several compartments for easy organization.
  7. Trail mix - Trader Joe's trail mix is my all time favorite. It really saves the day when hunger pains set in and I need to tame the hungry beast within. You're welcome in advance babe. 
  8. Magazines - There's nothing I love more than catching up on trends, beauty products, and editorials while flying high. 
What are some of your travel essentials? Anything you recommend? Head on over to {longdistanceloving} for more FF!

Hope you all have a safe weekend! 



  1. I always travel with a scarf/shawl cuz I'm constantly cold! And of course magazines!! I hope you have an awesome time in NY! So jealous!

  2. I so agree with you! Sweaters and magazines are a must! And don't forget the sanatizer! (:

    Lizzy <3

  3. I ALWAYS have to travel with a's a must-have! Great outfit and the site looks wonderful! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    Twirling Clare

  4. absolutely ADORE that big slouchy sweater!

    - lauren

  5. I definitely agree with the loafers! When I'm traveling or taking a long flight, they are essential for comfort!

    Also - I'm having a Bauble Bar giveaway on my blog today. Be sure to stop by!


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