Friday, September 28, 2012

{Friday's Francies} Atlantic-Pacific Crush


This week's Friday's Fancies theme is once again, Outfit Crush!! Last time we were given this theme I featured the uber fabulous Blair Eadie from Atlantic-Pacific {see here}, while offering her chic black and white look for {much} less. Blair is obviously one of my style crushes obsessions and it was a no-brainer as to which outfit I would feature today. Her "Party" look from over a month ago had me going ga-ga over feather skirts. Of course, her styling is impeccable/genius pairing a masculine military jacket with the whimsical skirt while nonchalantly throwing in not one, but TWO prints! This is my kind of outfit and Blair is my kind of girl. 

Instead of putting together a list of the exact pieces she's wearing {check out here for her head to toe look}, I was inspired to recreate her outfit, but with a twist. Camouflage has now made it onto my "must-have print" list for Fall through Spring due to its versatility. This utility jacket {along with the buckled booties} adds a tomboy element to the ultra-girly blouse and skirt. Cinch the ensemble with a leather belt and you've got a Blair inspired look! 

To see who other bloggers are crushin' on this week, head on over to {longdistanceloving}! Hope you have a fabulous Friday and fun-filled weekend!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

NYC Photo Diary #1

Tyler and I spent our first day in Manhattan playing tourists. We only had a few hot spots on our agenda, but the day unfolded perfectly. With the exception of it being 90 degrees out, it was the perfect day to explore the big city. Those of you who follow me on Instagram seemed to really enjoy our documented trip, but of course I took a bajillion pictures with my camera(s) that I wanted to share with you {and JUST got around to posting them a month later - oopsie!}. The following photos are some of my faves from our first day meandering through NYC. Hope you enjoy them!
{Brooklyn Bridge}
{Tombstone of √Čtienne Nicolas Marie Bechet de Rochefontaine, a french officer who fought in the American Revolutionary War alongside the American Army, in the graveyard of St. Paul's Chapel}
{Stroll along the Hudson River}
{9/11 Memorial + One World Trade Center being built}
{Reunited in Union Square with my friend/sorority sister, Nicole}
{Treated to a Turkish Coffee at a friend's on the Upper Westside}
picasion gif animator
{Look at is rise and get frothy!}
{Served with a little whiskey and coke - tastiest coffee everrrr}
{Rooftop view of Central Park}
{Tyler and his friend/fraternity brother, Anton}
{We're quite the weird couple if you didn't know}

{I'll take a second home on the top floor, thanks}
{Little PDA on the Great Lawn}
{Not the best shot, but still yoga on the Great Lawn}
{Passed by The Metropolitan Museum of Art}

More pictures to come!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


/ Dress: Everly / Shoes: Zara / Watch: Michael Kors / Bracelets: J. Crew & NYC Vendor /

A simple - yet loud - outfit for a day of work. It's weird, sometimes I'm completely content waiting a few days or even weeks before ripping the tags off my newest purchases. But sometimes, I just HAVE. TO. WEAR. IT. This little number and sassy flats only lasted 18 hours from their time of purchase before making their way onto my body. I'd like to blame it on the whole "I just got back from NYC and had nothing clean left in my suitcase" dilemma, but that's a total lie. And we don't want our relationship filled with lies now, do we? I didn't think so. 

Oh, and a big HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to my fan-fuckin-tastic big brother, Cory! He's a pretty rad  and talented guy with a big heart and too many jokes. Hope you have a great day brudda bear {your goody package is coming soon!}. 


Friday, September 21, 2012

{Friday's Fancies} Fashionable Football

{Images via}

A little high fashion football inspiration for this weekend. Football never looked so stylish ;) 

Hope you have a fabulous Friday and a great weekend!!



Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PipLey Vintage

Good morning everyone! I'm excited to introduce you to PipLey Vintage, a new online boutique filled with women's vintage and vintage inspired clothing! The owner's two daughters are the inspiration behind the store's name: Pippa and Finley {who are super cute, by the way}. The mother of two wanted to share her passion for vintage clothing with like-minded fashionistas, so she's filled her boutique with beautiful vintage blouses, skirts, dresses, charming Lyla Rose bracelets and much more! PipLey Vintage has loads of potential to be every woman's go-to online boutique for affordable, high quality pieces. I fell head over heels in love with a few items and couldn't believe how budget friendly they are! Here's some of my favorites that are perfect for fall!

Aren't they gorgeous?! All of them would be a perfect addition to any fashionista's closet {especially that sweet bow skirt!}. Go check out the store and don't hesitate - fill that cart up! If you don't, I will. :) 

Also, follow PipLey Vintage on Twitter {here} and Facebook {here} for updates about newly added items, discounted items, and other special announcements such as "Thrifty Thursdays!" Trust me, you don't want to miss out on Thursdays when one dreamy item is 50% off for the entire day!

Tell me - which of the pieces above are your favorites? 

Have a fabulous Tuesday lovelies! 


Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Update: Sweetwater Lake

Good morning everyone! Hopefully, the weekend treated you well! We had a lovely time at Sweetwater Lake Friday and Saturday, eating LOTS of food, soaking up the last rays of sun, dominating in Pictionary {well, my team anyways}, and just enjoying each other's company. Saturday night, Tyler and I continued stuffing our faces at his parent's Half St. Pat's Party until I officially slipped into a food coma. Pretty sure I was in bed by 11:30pm. I know - I'm out of control. But I do have to say it was really nice waking up at a decent time, getting an early start on the five loads of laundry that had taken over my tiny room before heading to brunch with one of my bff's, Claire. Without going into details, it was one of the BEST brunches we've ever had! News to come from that brunch later on. ;)

So, there's my little weekend update for you. I'm aware I've stopped with the Instagram round up, but if you're missing the pictures that just means you really should be following me on Instagram {click here!}. However, I will leave you with one picture from the weekend: Sweetwater Lake at sunset.

Have a great Monday! I'll see you back here tomorrow as I introduce you to my newest sponsor, PipLey Vintage!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Bells

//wedding attire// Dress: Maggy London / Heels: Zara / Purse: TJ Maxx  / Bracelets: J. Crew, Grandmother's tennis bracelet, NYC vendor / 

Tyler and I attended a wedding last weekend which wraps up wedding season for us. It was a minimalistic, beautiful celebration of two people who fell in love - despite what the law says is "right." We're so thankful to have been included in their big day and wish the ladies a lifetime of happiness together. 

This dress made an appearance at two weddings this year, for a few good reasons:
  1. The perfectly pleated jersey material hides all wine spills acquired throughout night.Typically, I have Wine Away on hand for these kind of events, but sometimes I'm too wrapped up in dancing to remember to use it.
  2. The skirt is ideal for obnoxious twirling on the dance floor. Mostly it's to entertain myself, but some party-goers {like the boyfriend} are intrigued by it as well. He kept yelling, "Do it again! Again!" He's an instigator that man of mine.
  3. In addition to twirling, it's perfect for stomping around the dance floor in what I like to think I'm doing resembles a Paso Doble {obviously this occurs after one too many glasses of complementary wine}. No formal training needed - I learned everything I know off So You Think You Can Dance. 

Do you have any more weddings to attend in 2012? Any go-to dresses that were on repeat this year?

Have a fabulous Hump Day! Go drink some wine. 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

9/11 Memorial

(photo by me)

No matter how many years have passed, September 11th is one of those days that will always feel like it was yesterday. Nostalgia kicked in as Tyler and I just visited the 9/11 Memorial and St. Paul's Chapel (one of the recovery centers) two weeks ago. Having the opportunity to pay our respects to the victims lost while witnessing the One World Trade Center being built was emotional and quite surreal. 

As President Bush said, "Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America." Today is a day to remember. Remember those who lost their lives on this day. Remember those who have fought and continue to fight for our country. Our liberty. Our freedom. 

Remember how blessed we are to be the ones here remembering it. 

xx, Allie