Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Bells

//wedding attire// Dress: Maggy London / Heels: Zara / Purse: TJ Maxx  / Bracelets: J. Crew, Grandmother's tennis bracelet, NYC vendor / 

Tyler and I attended a wedding last weekend which wraps up wedding season for us. It was a minimalistic, beautiful celebration of two people who fell in love - despite what the law says is "right." We're so thankful to have been included in their big day and wish the ladies a lifetime of happiness together. 

This dress made an appearance at two weddings this year, for a few good reasons:
  1. The perfectly pleated jersey material hides all wine spills acquired throughout night.Typically, I have Wine Away on hand for these kind of events, but sometimes I'm too wrapped up in dancing to remember to use it.
  2. The skirt is ideal for obnoxious twirling on the dance floor. Mostly it's to entertain myself, but some party-goers {like the boyfriend} are intrigued by it as well. He kept yelling, "Do it again! Again!" He's an instigator that man of mine.
  3. In addition to twirling, it's perfect for stomping around the dance floor in what I like to think I'm doing resembles a Paso Doble {obviously this occurs after one too many glasses of complementary wine}. No formal training needed - I learned everything I know off So You Think You Can Dance. 

Do you have any more weddings to attend in 2012? Any go-to dresses that were on repeat this year?

Have a fabulous Hump Day! Go drink some wine. 


  1. HAHAHA I think I can pull off Dancing with the Stars moves after too many glasses of wine as well. I'm so glad someone else does this too! Love the dress, though, and I love that it hides wine stains even more!

  2. I LOVE this dress! It's so perfect for a wedding, too!

    Life Unsweetened

  3. You look GORGEOUS! What a beautiful dress, the color is so pretty. Haha, pleats are totally meant for twirling. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. You look lovely! Love your dress & bag :)

  5. Haha I love wedding dancing! This looks like a great dress for it :) Also, gay weddings are great. Everybody should have one.

    Sarah's Real Life

  6. This dress needs to be on repeat again and again!!! Perfect cut and perfect color. You looked gorg! Can I borrow it for a wedding that I have at then end of the month?? :)

  7. Your dress is gorgeous - love the blue on you! xo

  8. you look sooo freakin pretty! love that dress

  9. Great dress - love the colour.

    we could follow each other?

  10. what a beautiful dress! I love this color!!


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